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Red Zone

The Peacekeeper
United States air force Major Frank Cross is in trouble with the brass again. This time hes made an unauthorized humanitarian relief flight ... dropping sacks of rice to starving Kurds. To the press, hes a hero. The Pentagon would like to court martial him, but cant because the President wants the highly photogenic media hero by his side--at least until after the next election. So Cross has a new assignment. Hes to carry the black bag-- the Presidents high-tech briefcase containing the go codes and communications computer for launching Americas nuclear ICBM arsenal in case of national emergency. It should be a piece of cake, but... On his first day on the job, a team of mercenaries steal the briefcase and drop Cross off a tenth floor balcony. Miraculously, he not only survives, but pursues the terrorists in a hijacked taxi. The ensuing car chase careens through the alleyways and streets of Chicago, up the ramps of a parking garage and then, unexpectedly, continues over the...
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