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A hallgatag bunyós

Johnny Walker is a drifting cowboy and boxer on the path of self-destruction. Hes tough, with a very short fuse, and has a habit of spitting on people who give him trouble, but hes also nice, very shy and simple-minded and he seems to be suffering from a brain injury caused by the years of fighting thats getting worse. Hes in love with a nice cute no-nonsense girl Ruby, who owns and runs a small amusement park at the local beach, but he cannot get himself to tell her that. Hes also getting too old to keep on boxing, but its the only thing he knows how to do, even though it will probably kill him. Wesley Pendergass, a friendly slimy pompous street-smart small-time criminal befriends him and introduces him to his own street philosophy as well as the big score hes planning. Can Johnny stop himself before he finally goes over the edge?
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